Invitation for Crowd-Sourced Media Curation

In the spirit of open collaboration we are inviting the online community to help us crowd-source the curation of quality video and image examples to help supplement the explanation of our Integral Value System. At Futurist Playground we strongly support the “lead by example” strategy, and think that showcasing the pioneering work that others are doing will be a strong catalyst for change.


Below is the criteria for media we are looking for

Criteria for all media content:
  • Be released under open-source licensing (Creative Commons, Youtube, etc.)
  • Focus strongly on one or two values of abundance, but may include other related ones
  • Exclude (as best as possible) values of scarcity
Criteria for video content:
  • Be less than 10 minutes long; ideally 3-5 minutes long
Criteria for image content
  • Minimum 800px resolution

Media Submission Form

Enter media link or upload file (limit 2MB)


Please enter license/attribution information

Please select what value(s) you think this media represents

Please select what holon(s) you think this media represents

Submit your name and email if you'd like feedback on your entry and/or would like to collaborate in the future.