About Us

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, scientist, technician, inventor, engineer, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist”

– R Buckminster Fuller

Who We Are

We are a diverse team of futurists, systems thinkers, designers, engineers, innovators and interdisciplinarians who are working toward a safe, healthy, fulfilling and sustainable life for everyone on the planet. We study macro trends in society, technology, the environment and the economy to better understand the root causes of the systemic problems that typify today’s globalized world. By addressing these root causes, we believe we can all live sustainably but also with a much higher quality of life.

We research and test the best ideas from modern engineers, behavioral scientists and social psychologists, as well as from the immense knowledge and wisdom of ancient civilizations and nature. By applying principles such as systems thinking, biomimicry and regenerative design, we are creating holistic solutions that are sustainable, scalable, duplicable and desirable for all cultures, classes, and ideologies.

Our Mission

What we intend to start at the Futurist Playground is a chain reaction in how communities form and are built, moving away from a centralized power dynamic to a decentralized and free model which is non exploitative and supports the following values:

Freedom ∙ Efficiency ∙ Regeneration ∙ Abundance ∙ Discovery and Exploration ∙ Love and Compassion ∙ Access ∙ Health and Vitality ∙ Shared Vision ∙ Intrinsic Motivation

Everything created in one of these communities will be shared on an open platform with plans on how to duplicate our processes. We hope that other communities will learn from us and copy and improve upon what we do, also sharing their solutions so we end up discovering the potential of this model and can easily compare it with other models around the world.

Core Team