A process for building an abundant future

An idea playground for building value-oriented community

The Futurist Playground is a network of groups and individuals collaboratively testing and sharing ideas to improve the quality of life, wellness, and environmental impact of everyone on the planet.

Through analyzing global macro trends in society, technology, and the environment, we have developed an emergent process for evaluating ideas that are more likely to lead to a sustainable future of abundance. With current scientific knowledge and technology, we have the ability to provide a safe, healthy, fulfilling, and sustainable life for everyone on Earth. We no longer have to live according to values of scarcity.

With this evaluation process we plan to collaboratively build a network of Abundance-Based Community Developments (ABCDs) as a model for how future city-communities can be built.

Our Goals

To support each other in progressing toward our highest potential.

To continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the community.


To continuously improve the means and methods by which we discover, understand, learn, communicate, and act.

To exist in a state of regenerative abundance within our habitat.

To arrive at decisions based upon a common “living” purpose, set of needs, values, and approach.

To live in a state of appreciation and compassion.

To continuously improve access abundance so that we may all more easily contribute to the community.

Our Work

Our Process

An introduction to our evaluation process involving value-based decisioning.


Ideas and designs integrated into emergent holistic solutions for value-oriented community.