Ash (Andrew Herman)

Ash (Andrew Herman)

Ash is an artist, designer, engineer and empath guided by the pursuit of self-awareness and understanding of natural law. He is passionate about the application of holistic health and systems design as a means of transforming oneself, one’s community and one’s world towards a regenerative state of abundance. He is interested in the conscious balance of dual manifestations of our reality, such as thinking/intuition, autonomy/communion, spiritual/material, infinite/finite, and love/peace.   Ash’s recipe to balance Mind, Body, and Soul:
Observe the mind and nature, practice mindfulness and gratitude, eat and consume consciously, dare to dream, express emotions openly, let go of fear, learn to love, transcend and include, forgive and identify with all. Through this we balance ourselves. Through this we channel the infinite.

Interests and Skills

  • Technology
    • Application/Website Design & Development
    • Information Systems & Data Structures
    • Data Visualization & Simulation
    • Algorithms & Automation
  • Art
    • Sacred Geometry
    • Algorithmic/Generative Art
    • Pen and Pencil Drawing
    • Photography and Editing
    • Digital Animation
    • Writing (blogging, poetry, short stories)
    • Piano Composition
  • Philosophy/Spirituality
    • Integral/Holistic Methodology
    • Natural Law
    • Neohumanism
    • Universalism
    • Pantheism
    • Nondualism
    • Omega Point / Singularity

Current Projects

  • Futurist Playground
    • Website Development & Design
    • Farmbot Assembly
    • Resource Gathering
  • Personal

Past Projects

  • PDP
  • Integral Lifestyle

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